Based in Washington D.C, King Solomon Photos offers nationally including cities such as Dallas, Las Vegas, Miami and New York. Over the past 21 years as professional, city in between has been fair game for his clients.

Solomon Tucker first picked up a camera early in life at Age 5, when his mom, then creative artist suggested that he take pictures with her 110 camera. At the time his photos were limited to his liking for railroads and their locomotives. During his high school years between playing football and advancing his baseball career to eventually graduating with honors from Georgetown University, he was never far from his camera.

After college, Solomon played professional baseball and when an injury occurred, he made a life decision to continue in the photography business and in 1998 founded Pointed Magazine with another photographer and several writers to become one of the first online editorial outlets providing sports and entertainment coverage to major news outlets as a photo warehouse.

His work has been used by many major news organizations including New York Times, Washington Post, E TV, Entertainment Tonight and Sports Illustrated just to name a few.

King Solomon photos has emerged under the Push Media Group umbrella and offers a vast diverse amount of services including being certified in ever emerging Aerial Photo demand for his clients.